“Tis The Season…For Fall Festivals!


One of the great things about this region is that the onset of fall is truly celebrated. Between now and Christmas, chances are that there will be a festival happening in a nearby town every single weekend. This past weekend, we kicked things off with a visit to a fundraising festival at Parker’s school.


Other than enjoying cotton candy (which was proclaimed the highlight of his evening), there were a number of inflatables, including this very cool obstacle course.


There were also a number of games taking place in each of the classrooms…

That’s an…interesting climbing technique, Parker.

as well as a Build-A-Pet station (Parker made Lexi a horse) and a face painting booth.

Lexi and daddy cheering Parker on.

I’m not going to lie, that whole night was stress-ful for me. Parker was running around like a maniac, Lexi was running in the opposite direction, the Irishman and I were exhausted from a long week,…but we hung in there since Parker was having a great time with his friends. Thankfully, the festivities ended at 8pm and we all went home and straight to bed.

We woke up in much better moods, which was a good thing since we decided to check out the Mountain Heritage Day festival first thing in the morning before Parker’s noon soccer game. We had a great time at this festival last year…

Mountain Heritage Day 2011

…so we were really looking forward to it this year. Thankfully, the predicted rain held off and the kids had a chance to enjoy themselves.

It’s a hayride!
Lexi confined to the stroller…mainly for my sanity.


Continuous live folk music.
Enjoying a tractor ride with friends.
Wells Fargo carriage (which Parker remembered from last year).
Potato sack race…”Am I winning?”


Walking with stilts…way harder than it looks.

There were also a ton of booths selling everything from crafts, to jewelry, to furniture, to clothing.

Hey mom, you can totally make these dresses!


Check out these stick animals. I promised Parker we would try to make one.

And of course, let’s not forget the festival food!


Apple cider donuts. Dee-licious.


Ribbon fries.


Cherokee fry bread loaded with chili.

After Parker’s soccer game, the Irishman took Parker back to the festival while I took Lexi home to nap. It was a very long day, but definitely good times.


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