A Walk in the Park…


As you’re reading this, I’m probably somewhere on the Smoky Mountain Expressway. Riding my bike. Uphill both ways. No, really! I’m headed to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for a blogging retreat called Brandcation with a great group of women. Knowing that I was going to be gone for the next 3 days (with the Irishman flying solo with the kids for the first time), I wanted to take the little people to the park to enjoy the nice fall weather.

“Stop, in the name of love….”

We weren’t meeting any friends there so we just wandered around exploring. I purposefully tried to keep the kids on flat ground because trying to keep Lexi from flying off of the side of a jungle gym is about my least favorite thing ever. We finally headed over to the swings only to discover that the big kid swings weren’t there.

Parker really wanted to swing, so he decided to squeeze himself into a baby swing.

I think he was second-guessing his decision, but he went with it. I got Lexi loaded in and off they went.

I gave Lexi a super big push because I wanted to take a picture of her and I think I pushed a bit too hard because this was the look that I captured.

Poor thing is holding on for dear life! Talk about a bad mommy moment. Once she slowed down, she looked slightly less traumatized.

It was a lovely afternoon. There were no tears, no tantrums, no resistance to coming or going. We went home and had a snack and then I sat down to write this post, you know, since I’ll be flying up and down a mountain range this morning.

The Irishman is a bit freaked out by my cycling quest and is coming with me to ride support. What that means is that I won’t have to take self-portraits with my cellphone for most of the ride. Plus, he wants to make sure that I get home in one piece so that I live to commit myself to another crazy endurance activity.

I’ll be sure to post all of the gory details as well as to report back on the ridiculously good time that I’m predicted that I’ll have in Pigeon Forge. If you thought you wanted to visit my neck of the woods before, wait until you see what awaits you over the Smokies from me.



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