My Spin On Cancer Ride

First, thank you all so much for supporting the Spin On Cancer charity. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have friends/readers like you. It makes crazy events like this one worth it knowing that a great organization like the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute benefited from my bout of insanity. Frankly, that was the only reason I went through with it because in all honesty, I was scared. Seriously scared. For the last month, I stressed about the logistics, the training, the weather, the cars,… it was what kept me up at night. For reals. BUT, now that it’s over (Amen to that), I wanted to share a pictorial of the ride – as you’ll see, it was an incredibly gorgeous (but cold!) day for a ride.  Oh and if you wanted me to describe the ride in detail, I’d go with this.

Grunt. Gasp. Ouch. Am I done yet? Am I done yet? Am I done yet? Brrrrr. #&*$#$

Yup, I think that pretty much sums it up.

Up, up, up, up…
Up, up, up some more…
The cars whizzing by was the scariest part of the whole ride because there is no shoulder to speak of on the entire stretch of road.
Hey, look at that, I’m still on a bike. Okay, this is not the most riveting pictorial ever. Ha!.
Newfound Gap – the halfway point!
The view from Newfound Gap.
Another view. Magnificent!
My right foot is in Tennessee and my left foot is in North Carolina.
Gorgeous scenery on the downhill…
The Irishman amused himself while waiting for me to catch up by snapping pictures of the scenery (he would wait at a scenic overlook until I caught up and then he would drive to the next one).

Towards the end of my ride, I realized that my fingers were almost completely numb. I pulled off of the road at a scenic overlook to warm them up because I was exclusively using my hand breaks on the downhill, so I kind of needed the use of my hands.

Pulling off of the road…
Trying to shake some feeling into my hands (and straighten my cramped fingers).
Trying to rub the feeling back into my hands…to no avail. Ouch!
Realizing that I’m not done yet. Crappers. Time to get back on and finish up…a warm bath awaits.

As an aside, in case you were wondering about my attire, the thigh high sock looking things are called leg warmers. They normally tuck in under your cycling shorts, but I have crazy long legs so mine don’t stay put on longer rides. They still did their job and kept my legs warm in 50 degree windy weather. I can’t say the same for my gloves, though.

Heading for the home stretch.
Sweet relief, I’m done!!
In case you didn’t notice, I couldn’t seem to find 2 matching socks, so I went with these. One says “Police” and the other says “Girls love dirt.”
The topography of the Smokies (the red line is the overpass road).

Oh and in case you were wondering…

And that’s about it! Can you all do me a favor, the next time I throw out an idea like this, try to talk some sense into me. Thank you in advance. Now, please excuse me while I try to rid myself of the sound of cars buzzing by my ears. Is cycling PTSD possible?


2 thoughts on “My Spin On Cancer Ride

  1. Anonymous October 12, 2012 / 3:43 pm

    You are so brave! Sticking to running for now – 13 weeks till Goofy!!!!

    • dailycynema October 13, 2012 / 11:51 am

      Wowsa! The Goofy is intense and I can’t wait to do it one of these years!

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