Brandcation Series: Climb Works Zipline Canopy Tour

When I heard that we were getting the chance to go ziplining with Climb Works, I was beyond excited. I have always wanted to go ziplining and getting to do it in my beloved Smokies was perfection! It was, hands down, the most fun I had during the entire trip and that’s saying a lot because we had a blast for 3 days straight.

It was a chilly, rainy day when we arrived at Climb Works and I honestly wasn’t sure how great of a time I was going to have swinging from tree to tree. As soon as I walked in and met the friendly (and super excited) staff, I completely forgot about the weather. Seriously. You could feel the energy in the room and our guides were pumped and excited to take us up. The Climb Works folks were, without a shadow of a doubt, the absolute best part of the whole experience…but more about that later.

The first step of getting ready for ziplining was checking in and signing waivers. This was done on a one of three iPads at the check-in area and I loved that the use of technology helped to reduce the eco-footprint of the operation, something that the company feels very strongly about. 

In all my gear and ready to zip. Safety first!

Then, we were given our safety equipment and while the staff was still lighthearted and joking with us, you could tell that they took our safety very seriously. They took their time fitting our harnesses and adjusting our helmets. Amen to that, right? It was only after everyone was comfortable with the fit of the equipment that we headed out the door for our tour (and right on time at that).

We piled into 4-wheelers with adrenaline running high and took off up the mountain towards the first rope bridge. It was a crazy ride up, but it definitely set the stage for the next three hours of fun. Yes, you read that correctly – the canopy tour was three+ hours of rip-roaring fun. It included 3 rope bridges, 9 different zip lines (which varied in speed, length and duration) and a surprise finale that I wouldn’t dream of spoiling for you, but that spiked my adrenaline more than any other part of the tour. Trust me on this one, you need to experience it for yourselves.

Zipping above the tree line. Beautiful!

Okay, back to the tour. Our two tour guides, Thomas and Matt, were beyond hysterical. They managed to be playful and entertaining while maintaining their professionalism and following all of the necessary safety checks. I mean, it was clear that they knew exactly what they were doing and I didn’t feel unsafe or unsure of their abilities for one second. I also don’t think I’ve ever laughed as long or as hard as I did during that tour. It really made the wait from one zip line to the next seem to fly by.

I thought that we lucked out with our tour guides, but when we caught up with the other ladies after our tour was over, they shared similar stories and swore that they got the best guides. In other words, all the guides rock and it’s clear that they love their jobs. How could they not? It is obscenely beautiful swinging through the trees, feeling the wind in your hair, hearing nothing but the wind through the trees and the exhilarating hoots from other zip liners and guides. While taking the first step off of the platform was a leap of faith, I realized in 30 seconds flat that ziplinging was a rush…and addicting. I could seriously zip line with Climb Works every weekend for the next year and not get bored.

That was fun! Let’s do it again…

Which brings me to another point – I love that they offer zip line tours in all seasons and all weather. Having lived here for over three years now, one of my favorite things about this area is that each season is completely unique. I can’t wait to visit Climbworks again during the stark winter months and at the renewal of spring. There really is no better way to view the Smokies than from above.

I can without an iota of hesitation recommend that you check them out next time you’re in the area. Oh and definitely give me a buzz before you do so that I can go with you – I’m addicted to ziplining with the Climbworks Crew!

*Thank you Climb Works for sponsoring this event for all of us gals during Brandcation!


2 thoughts on “Brandcation Series: Climb Works Zipline Canopy Tour

  1. Summer Davis October 18, 2012 / 11:19 pm

    It was a GREAT time and I’m so glad that we got to be in the same group. It was really fun laughing with you!

    • dailycynema October 19, 2012 / 9:28 am

      Same here summer, it’s been a long time since I’ve laughed that hard!

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