Brandcation Series: The Lumberjack Feud

When I first read about the Lumberjack Feud dinner show, I noticed that it was ranked one of the favorite attractions for male visitors to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I can definitely see the appeal for men – the show is focused on competition between two families (The Dawsons and McGraws), the participants are premier athletes, they wield axes, saws and chainsaws and there’s a lot of heckling and grunting encouraged during the show.

What I don’t understand is why the show isn’t also ranked as the top show for women!

Photo courtesy of

The lumberjacks in the show are…fit (to say the least). I’m not sure that I’ve ever watched an athlete chop wood and work a chainsaw before…with fitted jeans – and the only thing I have to say is: What the heck took me so long?! Here let me show you…


Photo courtesy of Lumberjack Feud


Photo courtesy of Lumberjack Feud

Okay, okay, enough about the eye candy (but seriously, it’s hard to not focus on those biceps). Aside from the actual lumberjack competition – which is intense! – there is family-friendly comedy, audience participation and the carnivores in our group said that the food was pretty dang good. To top it all off, all of this action takes place in a 10 million dollar arena that puts the audience close to the action and really makes you feel part of the show.

With the number of dinner shows in Pigeon Forge, I can tell you that there is nothing quite like the Lumberjack Feud. So ladies, grab your men (and kids!) and recommend this man-friendly show. Trust me, you’ll thank me on this one. Yo Ho!

*A big thank you to the Lumberjack Feud crew for hosting our Brandcation event and for sharing your Lumberjacks with us. Thirty-four blogging moms appreciate it!


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