In the Midst of Fall

We are in the throes of fall here and things have been busy, busy. Parker’s soccer season, which was 8 weeks long, came to a close last weekend.

Parker playing in the Angry Birds hat my mom knit for him.

The good news is that he hasn’t freaked about losing for a number of games. I think it was the initial adrenaline rush of being in a competition that had his nerves wound so tightly, but thankfully, he relaxed as the season went on and learned how to have fun.

The Irishman helping to hand out medals.

That’s a great thing because contrary to this little medal ceremony, Parker’s team had a losing season. Not that you could tell by their glee at getting medals and cupcakes.


Honestly, I’m not really a fan of the “everyone gets a medal” philosophy of team sports these days. Sure, at Parker’s age it’s fine, but as the kids get older, I think that there is something to be said for learning how to deal with defeat and disappointment because lets face it, it’s an important life skill!

Cupcakes from our great coach make everything better.

Did you happen to notice the gorgeous leaves on the mountains around the field (like in the picture above)? They’re lovely to look at, aren’t they? Unfortunately, living in the middle of the mountains this time of year means leaves. Everywhere.

I’ve been clearing off the deck so frequently that Lexi has adopted it as our daily ritual.

I bought her a kid-sized broom, but she wants nothing to do with it. That’s pretty much her personality in a nutshell.

She has no interest in her high chair (Parker used it until he was past his 3rd birthday) and insists on sitting at the table with the rest of us. In a regular chair. Without a booster. Oy.

And even though this broom is difficult for her to maneuver, so still manages to kind of clear the leaves with it.

With both of my kids, I’ve tried to encourage them to help out around the house. I want them to think of chores as fun and so far, they’re both super helpful…until one of them tries to eat the broom bristles. Why must they put everything into their mouths??


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