Sir Parker, The Birthday Boy (And Some Crazy Talk)

Lordy, have things been crazy around here. I know, I know – I say that all the time, but seriously, I think we just ramped it up to warp speed busyness. In the last 3 weeks, Parker turned 6, we made an offer on a house (yipee!) and I jetted to Chicago for 5 days – did I mention that we’ve had company staying with us since before Halloween? I’ll fill you all in on the new house stuff shortly – we’ve been getting estimates, inspections, retaining real estate attorneys and filling out loan paperwork – but I wanted to make sure that I recognized my big boy’s birthday…one week late. I’m definitely not winning the mom of the year award at this rate, but better late than never, right?

It’s crazy to think that my sweet Parker is 6 whole years old. He is the most lovable and honest person on the planet and I lucked out big time by getting to be his mom. Since we went all out for his birthday last year (I still have nightmares about sewing Jedi cloaks well into the wee hours of the night), we decided to keep things low key this time. And store bought. Definitely store bought.

Parker doing his best knight face.

Parker found a shield and breastplate that he liked so we decided to pick some up for his handful of buddies that came to the party. I was leaving for Chicago the following day, so we kept it small and intimate. The key here was lots of fun and no stress.

Parker decorated his cake with some dragons (for slaying, naturally) and he picked out the big “6” candle. We got a platter of chicken fingers from Zaxby’s and a couple of fruit and veggie trays for munching. I wasn’t kidding when I said low key. While it was fun to see the kiddos digging into the cake, I must say that watching Parker open presents was outright delightful. Check out his glee!

A remote control Monster Truck?! No way!!
Skylanders GIANTS!?! It’s what I wished for!

After the material love fest, the kids ran around like maniacs at the park. In fact, we picked an outdoorsy location so that they could burn off the sugar high from the cake. Parker decided that some gymnastics were in order.

Of course, Lexi had to follow suit. We are still very much in the “monkey see, monkey do” phase of events around here.

It was a windy day, so the parents not-so-patiently waited for the kids to run out of steam before we called it a day. I must say, it was nice not having anything to clean up or put away. Please remind me of this fact the next time I start talking crazy talk about throwing an involved and homemade party. Thank you in advance for saving me from myself.

Now that the party is behind us and our house buying shenanigans are in full swing, we’re really looking forward to hosting my family for Thanksgiving. My parents will be here, as will my brother and his fiance and my cousin and his wife. For us, Thanksgiving is all about family, football and festive cocktails. And by festive cocktails, I mean beer, wine and tequila straight from the bottle. Ah, memories in the making.





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