The Journey Begins…

Here we go!
Here we go!

Like most epic life changes, our journey to buy our new house wasn’t without some last minute drama. First, Lexi and I got the stinkin’ flu. Not just a cold that we thought was the flu, but the actual good-for-nothing flu. It was misery. Poor Lexi had a fever for 7 days and didn’t want to be put down for 5 of those days. I was only out of commission for about 36 hours (thanks to starting Tamiflu as soon as I had symptoms), but during that time, I couldn’t sit upright without a raging headache and dizziness. The boys didn’t get the flu, but they had a different virus that involved a nasty cough and an upset stomach.

I was lying in bed on Tuesday (with the Irishman hacking up a lung next to me) wondering how we were going to drive the 25 miles to our attorney’s office to close on the house the following day. Well, buying your dream house is quite the motivator, so I woke up the next day, dragged myself into the shower and pretended like I was on the mend.

However, just as we headed out of town to our closing, we got a call from Parker’s school. He had a fever and had to be picked up. We calculated how much time we had to spare and I quickly made a u-turn on the highway and headed back into town.

I said a prayer, drove way too fast, picked up Parker, dropped him off at the house where my in-laws had just arrived, and then we were off again. We only ended up being 4 minutes late, so we signed our closing papers, handed over a Cashier’s Check for our closing costs and we headed across the street to a diner to toast our closing with milkshakes and the first meal I had eaten in days.

And then we waited for word that the sellers (in another state) had signed the papers. And we waited. And waited. And I started to sweat. With the holidays coming next week, nothing was going to get done until the day after Christmas if they didn’t sign the paperwork by Friday and that was a problem. A BIG problem. We had the asbestos company lined up to remove pipes from the basement and right on their heels, the heating and air folks were coming to install a whole new heating and air system on both floors.

I must have checked my email and voicemail 1425 times on Friday waiting to hear from our attorney. Finally, at 4:16pm, we got the all-clear that everything was signed and the house was ours. Whew!

By 5:30pm, the heating and air guys had arrived with their trucks to drop off all of the equipment for next week’s install. As they were unloading, we got another visitor – the cops! Apparently, it looked suspicious for that much equipment to be unloaded into the basement of a vacant house on the Friday before Christmas. Naturally, he thought we were trafficking stolen goods.

Once I explained that I was the new homeowner and we were going to have a series of contractors coming in over the coming weeks, the Officer assured me that he would run extra patrols on the house and he took down my cell phone number to pass it along to dispatch so they could call me if there were any problems. I love small towns.

The next day, my mother-in-law and I drove over to the house and attempted to start cleaning. I say “attempted” because it ended up being too cold to do anything. It was 25 degrees outside and probably no more than 45 in the house – our hands were numb. So, we dumped some bleach in the toilets and resolved to come back in a couple of days when it warmed up.

The good news is that by next weekend, we’ll have central heating and air and a working fireplace downstairs, so we can really get started on the house projects – and trust me…there will be a ton!

If you enjoy watching home remodels or picking paint colors, the Daily Cynema is about to be a very lively DIY place. Stay tuned and let the painting begin!


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