Our Dining Room Makeover

I can honestly say that I couldn’t wait another minute to share this reveal with you all. The dining room is the first room that almost 100% done – the only thing missing is the crown moulding. Regardless – yippee! Before I talk you through what all we’ve done, let me share the “before” picture.

dining before


The walls were the same clay color as the rest of the house and the floors were a very dull finish. Our hardwood floor guy said that the previous owners just put stain on top of stain without any sanding in between, which left it looking lackluster to say the least. The ceiling fan was actually a nice piece, except for the fact that due to the age of the house (it was built in 1949), the electrical was only wired to provide power to either the fan or the light. Yeah, that wasn’t going to work. Finally, let me bring your attention to the radiator beneath the left window. It was rendered useless as soon as we installed central heating and air, so we had the HVAC guys take them out, which left bare drywall and a missing piece of baseboards in its place.

Without further ado, here is our new dining room. Drum roll please…….

dining room


What. A. Difference. Let me take you through the changes we made. I’ll include prices or estimates when I can because if you’re looking to make some changes to your own house, I know that it’s best to know the cost before you start the planning.

1) We bought this simple 5 light fixture to replace the fan ($49 from Lowe’s) – I promise that it’s centered in the room, my picture angle was off.

2) My ridiculously handy father installed the beadboard and chair rail for us and he also installed the missing piece of baseboard. When I have more time, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step installation of the beadboard – as they say, the devil is in the details. The supplies for the beadboard in this room ran about $150 total and the crown moulding was another $60 or so. Of course, the labor only cost me a big pot of chili and a 6-pack of Heineken (thanks dad!), but it was a pretty labor intensive task (it took the better part of a full week) so having someone handy is quite helpful.

3) We changed the clay color of the walls to Valspar’s “Urban Sunrise” in a satin finish. We jokingly call our new house the 50 Shades of Grey house because I think I have 6 different shades of grey on the walls – you’ll see.

4) The windows and baseboards were painted “Ultra White” in a satin finish.

5) The oak floors were restored to their original finish. We left them 100% natural with no stain whatsoever. They are rustic and flawed and show decades of wear, but I am completely and utterly in love with them. I think that best part of old houses is that they have character. The floors set us back $3000 for the entire first floor (about 1300 square feet). It was a pretty big investment, but we knew that it would be so much easier to have them refinished before we moved in.

Well, that’s about it for the dining room. As I said, we’ll put up the crown moulding in the next month or so and I’ll be sure to post another picture once our dining room table and pictures are in there. Honestly, it was a ton of work to get this house into shape, but seeing the before and after pictures side by side make it all worth it!


4 thoughts on “Our Dining Room Makeover

  1. Joy Williams January 26, 2013 / 10:05 pm

    Beautiful! I love the bead board and the grey color! Yall did a great job!

    • dailycynema January 28, 2013 / 12:56 pm

      Thanks so much, Joy! I was questioning our decision there for a bit, but things definitely turned out better than I had imagined.

  2. Summer Davis January 27, 2013 / 8:29 pm

    Wow Cyn, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I love the tranquil color, and the floors are marvelous. Next time I’m on that side of NC, I’m going to drop by and pay homage to your floors. 🙂

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