Wyoming! Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures – Part 2

Well, I finally got around to editing pictures of our road trip! There were literally hundreds and each view was so breathtaking, I had a hard time deciding which ones to share. It was like trying to pick a favorite picture of my babies when they were little – freaking impossible.

What’s funny is that I didn’t take a single picture on our road trip until day 3. That’s what happens when friends get together after not seeing each other for 10 months – I think we talked for 10 hours straight! On the first day, we left North Carolina before dawn broke, went through Tennessee and stopped for the night in St. Louis, Missouri to visit my best friend, Meg (hi Meg!). She just bought a fabulous new house to match her fabulous new life and it had been too long since we saw each other. It was too short a visit, but it was great to see her.

We got another early start and were shooting for Denver so it was going to be 12 hours in the car, but first we had to get through Kansas. KANSAS! Holy crud, it was a flat, desolate, stinky part of the state that we drove through. Nothing but windmills and cow poo. Ah Kansas – I hope we don’t meet again soon.

This is pretty much all my buddy saw for the entire day – me + my always full coffee mug.

wy06When we arrived in Denver, I saw this awesome sign. Wouldn’t you know, there wasn’t a hitchhiker to be found.

signWe took a rest day in Denver the following day – it was a nice break after having spent 20 hours in the car over the last two days – and then we were off again. Destination: Wyoming.

wy01The terrain up to this point had been pretty flat, but before long, we started to see the mountains in the distance.

wy05We turned a bend and found ourselves in the middle of breathtaking scenery.

wy03Wyoming felt so wild and wide open and we were getting more and more excited with each passing mile – the Tetons were near! ¬†We spent the night in Pinedale, Wyoming, which was about 80 miles outside of the Tetons. It was typical “small town USA” with almost zero humidity – the weather was perfection. The people were nice, our hotel was perfect and we woke up the next day ready to finally get there.

The gateway to the Tetons is the city of Jackson, Wyoming. In the winter, it is a millionaires’ ski destination. Quaint, pricey…lovely.




wy12We stopped by the Visitor’s Center, got some maps, bought the kiddies some souvenirs and headed into the park. Yippee! We drove through some land….

wy07turned the corner and…BOOM!

wy13Ahhh! So beautiful. We pulled over, got out of the car and stared.

wy14And then we drove around to every lookout point to take it in from every angle.





wy21And we saw critters big (BUFFALO!)…

wy20and small…


The best part about the Tetons? We had 3 days to explore, hike and enjoy. Excellent.