Just One of the Dogs

Miss Daisy Duke has certainly made herself at home over these last 10 months. She’s put on a whopping 20 lbs. (thank goodness!) and she’s settled into life at the zoo (as we call our house) nicely. While Daisy is definitely part of our pack now, she gets a different set of rules from the corgis. She gets to hang out outside – because she doesn’t bark at everything that moves – and she has to be crated at night – since she still thinks the cats are prey. She doesn’t seem to mind, though. Compared to where she came from, life probably seems pretty good right about now.

The one different “rule” that she hasn’t quite gotten on board with yet is that she isn’t allowed on the couch. Since the other dogs are, this probably doesn’t seem fair, but Miss Daisy’s favorite bed is a sunny patch of dirt near the front fence. In other words, she is generally more “earthy” than the other dogs. She has quite the plush dog bed inside, which the other dogs don’t go near, but every once and awhile, I’ll go into the living room and find this.

daisy01Um, Daisy, you’re not supposed to be on the couch. Can you hear me?

daisy02Hello?? Daisy? I know you’re awake. Why aren’t you looking at me?

daisy03I realize you’re comfortable, but you’re probably dirty. Let’s get you down from there.

daisy04No, licking me won’t help. Come on, lets’ move it.

daisy05I can still see you, even when you cover your eyes.



Yes, Nona. I realize that she’s still on the couch.

chewie01Yes Chewie, I see you too. Okay. Come on Daisy..up, up!

daisy06No talking back.

daisy07Yes, I mean it.


Oh what the hell. The couch is probably dirty already. As you were, Miss Daisy. As you were.








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