Pumpkins, Halloweens, and Leaves, Oh My!




In truth, this should probably be about four posts, but alas, I’m behind (you’re shocked, I know). I just wanted to catch you up on what we’ve been up to over the last several weeks and the answer is simple: anything and everything to do with autumn! We’ve been loving the cooler temps, the warmer foods and the general feeling of happiness that comes with the holidays. Don’t worry, we’ve been feeling the stress, too, but stress doesn’t look quite as cute in pictures.

This year for Halloween, Lexi actually understood the process of trick or treating. I caught her mid-process here and if there was ever a cuter pirate, I have yet to see it.
halloween2Parker has entered the world of little boy costumes. There is no more cuteness to be had from our big boy. Instead, he’s all about looking menacing. Here he is doing his best ninja impression.

halloween_ParkerI have to confess that it has gotten A LOT harder to photograph him because he’s always moving and he’s so dang fast. Plus, when he’s distracted, he has no interest in humoring me and my ever-roving camera lens. Ah well, at least I can still stalk Lexi right? She’s too little to outrun me!

Right before Halloween, we went to a friend’s birthday party that was held at a beautiful park. (Oh and I realize that I’m working backwards in time, but I don’t have time to change it so we’ll just pretend that it’s supposed to be this way). It was pretty cold outside, so I got in some good snuggles from my child who refuses to wear a jacket. I’m sure she’ll outgrow this phase, but let’s hope it’s before her hands fall off from frostbite.

eyes05The kids got some party favors and Lexi went immediately into zombie mode. She’s figured out that if she creeps towards her brother saying, “brainsssssss,” he runs. It’s a bit macabre for two, but I don’t have the energy to steer them towards more appropriate games. 

eyes03Lexi was playing in water (in 40 degree weather no less), but I just love the muted tones of the following picture. As an aside, I’ve gotten much better at being interested in tone, color and composition than just pictures of very cute faces. 

eyes02But speaking of cute faces – “Cheese!!”

eyes_smOh and get this – Parker can apparently carve his own  pumpkin now. He’s getting so grown up!

pumpkin02_smBut daddy still has to gut it for him.

pumpkin01_smOf course, the most iconic part of autumn are the falling leaves. And man, do we have crap tons of leaves!

leaves04_smSo many, in fact, that you can sled on them!



leaves_smWhew! Now you’re almost caught up to date. Next up – Parker turned 7 (!!!)