South Africa’s Cape Peninsula Tour

Look, I’m back! See, I’m getting better at this already. The day after we cheated death during our Table Mountain hike (okay, not really, but I do tend toward the dramatic in my storytelling), we were off on our grand Cape Peninsula tour with Baz Bus. It was a full day tour and our first drizzly day, but we put on our rain jackets and headed over to designated pick up address (a nearby hostel).

The mini bus showed up about 15 minutes after the designated pick up time and we were the last stop, so it was fairly full. And just like that, we were headed off to tour the southern peninsula of Africa. It was beautiful. See for yourselves.

Our first stop was Hout Bay to grab a snack and take in the scenery.


Then, we were off to False Bay to visit Seal Island! This was the ferry boat we road on in 60 mph cross winds to see the Cape Fur Seals.




Then we went to False Bay to catch a ferry boat out to Seal Island to see the Cape Fur Seals. There were 60mph cross winds, but it was worth it. There were hundreds of them!




After that, it was off to Boulders Beach to see the penguins. It was amazing to see the African penguins in their own habitat.





Another highlight of the tour was that we visited Cape Point National Park…to go biking. Yeah, baby.




After our cycling adventure, we got back in the minibus to head to our final destination – Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. I love the feeling of visiting someplace that you learned about in your history books.



In this picture, I’m sitting on Cape Point with the Cape of Good Hope behind me.¬†cape97The Cape Peninsula was breathtaking and visiting the southwesterly most point of Africa was surreal. That was our last Cape Town day and from there, it was back to the interior and straight to our sunset safari!


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