Holiday Shenanigans

Hi folks! Whew, the holidays are over. Well, almost – the kids go back to school on Monday, so technically today is their last day of holiday break. We had my in-laws in town for three weeks and what a huge help that was. I got a little bit of work done on my book, a lot of work done on our house (more about that in a separate post), and Christmas was definitely merry and bright. Lexi is finally old enough to understand the concept of Santa, presents, and baby Jesus’ birthday, so we had a lot of fun with her this year. Here are some snapshots from Christmas morning.

First look at the presents!

christmas06Parker got a present that he had been hoping for. Victory!


When life gives you two tutus…wear the second one on your head.


Here’s Lexi trying to wear as many presents as she can manage at the same time.


Parker is always happy with whatever he gets. Easiest kid on the planet!


Stockings are the best part!


Daisy Duke really enjoyed her first Christmas as one of the family.

Here’s the closest thing we could get to a family picture (I made the mistake of putting Polar Express on the new TV and clearly, the movie was more interesting than the camera). family


And so here we find ourselves in 2014. I predict that it’s going to be a wonderful year. That’s partly because this coming year is going to be full of travel! The Irishman and I are going to Hawaii next month for our 10th wedding anniversary. Yippee! Then this summer, I’m taking another group of students to London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Munich. Woohoo! The children and my parents will meet me overseas and we will finally have another month-long vacation in Greece. Yahoo! To wrap things up, if we can get all of our ducks in a row, my mom and I are going on a much anticipated trip to Peru to visit Machu Picchu in October. We’ve have that trip on our bucket list for a loooong time and it looks like 2014 is the year it’s going to happen.

Of course, in between all of those trips, we have a lot going on. Parker is starting ski school next week (thanks, Papou!), I have to finish writing a book in the coming months, and of course, we have our regular dose of chaos that peppers our weekly lives. What you can expect to see here (on top of travel photos) are lots of budget-friendly recipes because every spare dime is going to go towards our trips. That means that we definitely need to save, save, save, and one of the easiest places to do that is through cutting back food costs.

I hope that everyone has a great 2014 with whatever you have planned!


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