A REAL Snow Day

So, I realize that my last post was a snow day post, but frankly, that was a sprinkling compared to the snow event we had over the last couple of days! We got between 8-10 inches of snow and the kids have been out of school for the entire week. It’s been a bit nuts, to be sure.

I have so many things to share with you – recipes, my review of my Wonderbag, pictures from my week long trip to Hawaii….but for now, I’ll share our fun snow day since it’s the easiest one to put to paper. I’m a slacker, I know, but I promise that I’ll catch up.

There’s something so magical about waking up to a blanket of snow on the ground. As I walked outside with my fleece robe and camera, it was eerily quiet and there wasn’t a soul to be found. Our house looked like it was out of the pages of an mid-1900s newspaper entitled, “Craftsman in the country.”


The valley below our house shared the same “back in time” feeling. The snow lent an ethereal quality to everything and it almost looked like all of the houses were nestled in the clouds.


The only thing that gave away modern times were all of the snow-covered cars. Here, my Acura was doing its best impression of camouflaging with the landscape.


Once the kids woke up, there was no more time for peaceful contemplation. They wanted to get out and play! For the first time this year, the kids (with the help of their Nana) had enough snow to build a proper snowman.


Lexi immediately declared that he was ‘her friend’ and gave him a good squeeze.


Speaking of Lexi, this child spends the vast majority of her outdoor time eating snow. And with a drippy nose, naturally.


The kids had so much fun playing with their Nana outside. She grew up in Pittsburgh, so this white stuff was nothing new for her.


Back to the snowman – Parker took it upon himself to build the first tier of the snowman. There was a lot of snow to work with.

Notice how the entire sheet of snow was lifting up as one piece!


There was also enough snow for some sledding through the side yard. Parker was heavy enough to get the sled going…


But Miss Lexi needed some help.


After an hour or so of play, everyone wanted to come inside for some lunch and hot chocolate. While a part of me (the part that has a full time job) is annoyed that they’ve been out of school all blessed week, I do love the memories that they’re creating. I try to hide my stress of not getting anything done for another day so that I don’t tarnish the shininess that comes with getting to have a snow day.There’s also a certain novelty in it for me, too, because I only have a single memory of playing in the snow as a kid. Even so, that one memory is magical. I hope they feel the same way when they reflect on these early years.


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