Here Comes the Sun

My absolute favorite thing about living in western North Carolina is that right when you think that you can’t possibly deal with one more day of the current season….it changes. Sure, we’ll still have a couple of icy days over the next month, but winter is officially on it’s way out the door.

Honestly though, I can’t complain. It’s been a pretty good winter (although my gas bill would disagree). We had a couple of good snows and we had plenty of lovely, sunny days too. The only part about it that stinks is that my kids missed playing outside without 5 layers of clothes on. Thankfully, we’ve been gifted with a beautiful week!

We have a relatively flat driveway, so the kids can ride their scooters on it (which is a huge improvement over our last house).



Lexi is still in the “take my picture” phase, so I get a lot of good ones of my little peanut.


Parker, on the other hand, goes too dang fast on his scooter to get a good shot, so here’s one of him taking a break. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to include him in more pictures so that he doesn’t feel like the spotlight is always on Lexi. He probably doesn’t feel that way–and I’m probably just doing one of those parenting-overcompensation things–but here’s my sweet boy anyways.


Speaking of, guess who lost their 3rd tooth! I’m proud of him, too, because he’s not dramatic about it. When it’s super wiggly, he just yanks it out of there. That’s my boy.

Here’s a funny for you – when I’m doing test shots to get the lighting right on my camera (I’m shooting in full manual now, so it takes a bit of time to get everything right), I’ll have the kids make funny faces for me so that I don’t just have a shot of a wall. Yesterday, I told them to make a “mean” face. Here’s Parkers:


Fierce. So then I asked Lexi to do the same thing. She thought about it….


and thought about it….


and THIS is what she came up with.


Parker and I laughed so hard and we made her do that for the rest of the night. “Lexi, look mean!”  Who needs TV when you have this kind of entertainment.

While the kids continue to scoot their way around the driveway, I walked around looking for signs of spring. I found these three-leaf clovers growing in the driveway…


And whatever this is growing on the curb.


I also found new shoots sprouting from the bushes. Such a lovely color.

sun16And after about an hour of zooming around and looking for bugs (the surest of all signs of spring), the Irishman got home, so I headed inside to make dinner.

sun17I’m hoping for many more evenings like this in the coming months.


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