Brandcation #SeasTheDay: Cruisin’ with Royal Caribbean

Boy, oh boy, do I have some crazy fun news to share with all of you! Do you remember last year when I won that awesome contest to join 40 other bloggers on a Brandcation trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee? I had such an amazing time. We got to do some incredibly fun stuff and I met dozens of great people. Well, the wonderful women of Brandfluential and MomDot are at it again and for this 6th Brandcation event, we are being hosted by Royal Carribean.

SeasTheDayPromo1 That’s right folks, I’m about to join the wide world of cruising, destination: Cozumel. I have never been on a full-size cruise ship before. Crazy, right? My parents, on the other hand, swear by cruising. It’s actually their preferred method of travel and vacation. The closest thing that I’ve experienced was a small ship that took us between the Greek Isles during my honeymoon. I have a feeling that this ship is going to blow that experience out of the water!

In the month (36 days to be exact) leading up to the cruise, I’m going to share with you my tips on packing light (I’m a pro at this) and some awesome gear and equipment for making the best of your vacation. As you all know, I am on a mission to go, to see, to experience as much of the world as I can. Armed with a camera and some killer wifi, I’m exciting about sharing all of those experiences with you as well. Next stop – Mexico!


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