During the study abroad trip to London, Paris, and Munich, I didn’t set foot in a car. We used public transport a fair bit, but more often than not, if we needed to get somewhere, we walked there. Some days, we walked upwards of 10 miles and it felt so dang good to use our own motive power for movement.

When I landed back in our small town, I was determined to use my car as infrequently as possible. It felt so ridiculous to me to hop in the car for super short trips. Luckily, our house is in the downtown area so it’s completely feasible to use my own two feet for any number of things. In the past month, I’ve walked to restaurants, breweries, the park, the pool, the pharmacy… you name it and I’ve walked there.

This fall, I’ve decided to step up my game and start commuting to work on my bike. Sounds crazy, right? Don’t worry, I’ve completely thought it through and on days of torrential rain or snow, I can carpool with the Irishman since we work on the same campus. I can also walk to pick up the kids from school and we can all ride home with the Irishman with my bike packed up on the bike rack.

Would it be easier to just drive? Yes. With that said, it feels so good to start my day with a ride and it feels doubly good to know that I’m going somewhere and not just riding in circles for fun. I think the key to fitness is to live as active a lifestyle as possible. I mean, the idea of the gym seems more and more foreign to me. Why would I run on a treadmill when I can run to or from somewhere that I need to go? Why would I save biking – one of my most favorite things to do – only for days when it’s convenient? I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m super excited about this experiment.


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